Hey Guys!

I hope you’ve had a great long weekend! I’ve been spending mine going back and forth juggling uni work and keeping up with the blog. This has had me literally sitting on my bed snuggled up in a pink faux fur jacket and continuously making tea. I love the fact that the weather has cooled down to the point where I keep reaching for a jacket every time I leave the house (or just Netflix and chill). To get the ball rolling on your autumn/winter wardrobe, I thought I’d compile a list of my must have boots for this season!

Firstly, let’s talk about Studded Boots. I will always love the classic black boot, but times have changed and I don’t always want that simplicity on ma feet. I know you’re probably wondering: ‘why should I bother getting another pair of black boots?’, but I can tell you studded and plain boots are on a different playing field and each has their rightful place. The studs just add an edge to any look. You would be killin’ it if you walked in with a vinyl patent trench coat, a mini skirt and band-tee – yes girl. If you have an old pair of black boots at home, take a trip to your local art store and you can even go all DIY on those booties!



Another boot that you must get your hands on is the Velvet sock boot. Velvet has really made a comeback recently and I’m seriously not complaining. It’s a heavenly fabric that just makes you want to stop, stare and feel. I would definitely wear a pair of these bad boys to brunch or on a night out. The hard thing about these, are deciding on the right colour. Since velvet boots come in so many different colours, you’re spoilt for choice and can find yourself in quite a pickle. Personally, I’d go for a black (classic) and a pink or blue, so I’m sorted for any kind of outfit I decide to wear!



And last, but certainly not least, we have Over The Knee Boots. Now, the first thing you  pictured in your head was probably Ariana Grande or Kylie Jenner, right? Well that’s because we know these girls are serial daters of these boots. And I can see why! The length of these boots make almost every outfit sleeker and sexier. They’re also perfect for substituting as stockings or tights during those chillier times when you still want to wear a skirt.



What I’m wearing:

Velvet boots from Rubi shoes (similar), black boots and knee high boots from Wittner.

Photographer: Chelsea Sen



I must say I have switched gears with the way I run my warbrobe. Previously I would go into Zara and pick out a bunch of random pieces I thought I would love forever, and just like that they were welcomed into the family. As much fun as buying shoes and tops in all different styes and colours was, I found myself farewelling a lot of them before their time. I ended up getting sick of pieces quite quickly and nothing seemed to gel together. The answer to my problem was simple, before buying a piece I ask myself “does this suit my wardrobe?” If no, sadly it would be wise to put it back. Harsh I know, but it works.

Shortly after I found myself only buying simple pieces (with a little edge of course) and generally keeping to a neutral colour palette. For me this has been perfect! When you’re running late and you want no effort involved in picking an outfit, you can basically go in blind and pick something out that looks decent. As great as neutral colour palettes are, you sometimes just want to draw a rainbow, but all you have is black and grey crayons. I wanted to have a few pieces that were fun and interesting, but I didn’t want to start hoarding a bunch of colourful and bold pieces.



Firstly, finding some killer jumpsuits, dresses or playsuits are a great way to create funky outfits only using one piece. This minimises the room they take up in my wardrobe.  I won’t be on the road to collecting a bunch of colourfully patterned pieces that I know I will end up at the back of my wardrobe any time soon. This jumpsuit from ASOS is a party that everyone is invited to attend. Ruffles, miss-matched prints and long cuffs -It is definetly a statement piece, so I kept my shoes simple and wore some simple but quirky silver earrings.

Another way to add some colour to your neutral wardrobe is incorporating some statement earrings. They take up minimal space in your wardrobe and will add to your timeless pieces. Lately I’m loving abstract earrings in quirky shapes. I’m especially gushing over these stunning earrings by Knobby Studios, called nude no.2. To put it simply, it’s basically an abstract squiggle of a naked lady in earring form. They are still yet to make it into my accessory box as they are 85 USD for one earring, but they are definitely on the wish list. This pair from Sports Girl will suffice for now.



Another accessory that can add a bit of sparkle to a neutral wardrobe is a detachable collar. You might already know what I’m talking about or you may be scratching your head. They are exactly what you think they are, cute collars you can add to just about any shirt. ASOS (of course) has some really funky embellished options that will have people stop and stare. There are also similar styles referred to as bibs, which create the illusion of you wearing a shirt underneath – pretty cool, huh? You can check them out here.

I hope these ideas inspired you to add some sparkle to your neutral wardrobe without having to buy a mountain of new stuff you will probably wear once.

Bella xox

What I’m wearing:

Jumpsuit from ASOS, sneakers (similar), earrings from Sportsgirl

Photographer: Chelsea Sen



I’m wearing:

Deconstructed skirt from ASOS, Heels from Wittner, Corset belt from ASOS and Shirt from Nicemartin.

The corset has taken over the fashion world thanks to Prada who debuted their white corset belt in their A/W 16 collection. Ever since, the corset has become the latest fad in the accessory realm.  I’d like to thank Prada for their show stopping style inspo, but I don’t think I can fork out $1,170 for a lace up denim corset belt anytime soon. Luckily retailers like ASOS and Missguided have embraced this trend and given us more affordable pieces.

The way you style a waisted corset belt can really make or break a look. They are perfect for creating a stunning hourglass silhouette and tying in the waist when wearing a loosely fitted piece. When I accessorise an outfit with a corset I firstly ask myself why? Is it to cinch in your waist, is it the statement piece of a look or it there to compliment something else. If I find its purpose, it’s much easier to style. For this look, I’m wearing a loosely fitted shirt, so I wanted to cinch in the waist. I also wanted to have a piece that neatly meshed my shirt and skirt together. So I ticked ‘find purpose’ off my list. That might seem a bit outlandish, like come on it’s a belt for heavens sake?! Accessories are there for a reason, and some are as obvious as holding up your pants.

I give corsets the green light. Try them out, their purpose could be something as simple as making your outfit look frickin’ awesome.





There are a lot of perks to shopping in store; you get to try the clothes on, get a feel for the quality and you can make a day out of it. You get the social aspect of asking your friends their opinion of an outfit you have tried on, which seems to always be the deciding factor. As much as I love shopping in store, the convenience and wider variety of the online world definitely pulls you in. My usual one stop shop for online shopping is ASOS, simply because it has so much variety and most of its products are inexpensive. If you want to wonder further than say Boohoo, the Iconic and Miss-guided, I have found some awesome online stores you might want to give a try.

1. Storets

This site definitely has style. Every piece is exciting and very unique. You can scroll through and find a lot of pieces that your style crush wore to fashion week. My favourite thing about this site is that they do basics with a twist; they add a bow or corset here and there to spice it up! They ship internationally and you can view the prices in various different currencies (including the Australian Dollar), which is amazing because there are no surprises at the checkout when you discover your purchases were actually in U.S. Dollars (sigh).


Here are some of my top picks

Links (left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4

2. Stylenanda

I came across this brand a few months ago while I was doing my daily scroll through ASOS’s ‘new in’ section. I saw a few of their pieces and couldn’t help but be intrigued by this labels quirky designs. If you have been following my blog, you would have seen the look I put together with their frilly long velvet dress – it was to die for! Their online store has so much variety and they ship internationally! Although, if you’re Australian you can only choose to shop with the US dollar which is a bit annoying, but you gotta do what you gotta do. You can also shop their brand on ASOS with free returns and you can shop in your currency. The only bad thing is, there is only about 2% of their products on there (lame). All shipping and currency issues aside, it’s a store that’s definitely not for everyone, but you’ll be surprised by what you can fall head over heals for.


Here are some of my picks:

Links (left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4

3. Nicemartin

This Australian (woo!) online store is quite different from the previous two stores I mentioned. It’s more relaxed and simple for easy everyday wear. A lot of their clothes are made with linen and cotton so they are super breezy and comfy to wear. Their clothes are so simple yet they incorporate safistication with small details-some eyelets on the side of a pair of pants or a plain white shirt with oversized bell sleeves and a deep cuff.


These are my picks:

Links (left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4





What I’m wearing:

Blue suit ASOSblack knit from Topshop (similar) & heels from Seed

I recently finished an 11 week internship working for a bank in their app development team. It was amazing! I got to meet some great people and I got involved in so many different projects. One thing I thought would be difficult ( especially being an intern) was having the confidence to express my opinion. As the work days passed, I started to realise when I dressed for myself/ thought my outfit was pretty bangin’ (not going to lie), I felt sparks of confidence and I also felt kinda fierce; Something that I felt was harder to achieve in a high rise black skirt and a fitted blouse, because that’s just not me.

After I decided I would go on a hunt for some funky work clothes, I found this eye-catching suit in the most gorgeous baby blue (on sale I might add), and before I knew it, I had it in my shopping bag and I was at the checkout. I was gifted these stella shoes from my mum, funny enough she got them from Seed and they are pretty much identical to Gucci’s metallic letter pumps. Obviously they don’t have the iconic double G crest, but they will do for now, until I can afford my first Gucci piece.

The first time I wore this outfit, I could feel my confidence spark up and the street was my catwalk. So if you’re like me and bland black skirts and blouses aren’t your thing, here are some fun ways you can shake up your look to put your own sprinkle of personality on it.

  1. It’s all about the dramatic sleeve. Having a dramatic sleeve is always a great way to make your look more interesting and unique. Whether it be flute style, buckled or pleated, it will stand out and add that extra touch to a minimal outfit.
  2. Pop of colour. Colour is always fun to experiment with, so find the colour that suits you the best (going for the colour of your eyes can make them pop). After you know your colours, experiment with some colour blocking. If you want to contain your look to one colour palette, try using the same colour in different shades or paring colours together that are neighbours on the colour wheel. But if you’re going for that contrasting look, take complimenting colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel.
  3. Shoes!! You may want to keep your outfit quite reserved sometimes, but that doesn’t mean your shoes can’t make a statement. Wear some awesome gold metallic shoes or some cute pearl pumps. It’s a subtle way of making your shoes do the talking.