Hey lovely people!

Recently I met up with my lovely new friend Leanne from themindparadise.com. We met up for coffee and treats at The Grounds in the city, which was delicious! If you go there, I would recommend the lemon tart, it’s so refreshing and delicious! Leanne and I ended up talking for about 4 hours and then we did a little shopping (of course).  It honestly felt like we already knew each other, just old friends catching up over sweet treats! A few weeks later we met up again for coffee and a little photoshoot. Taking photos together was definitely a learning experience for us both because we hadn’t shot with anyone else before. After quite a few shots of us in hysterics and trying to not make two people posing awkward, we managed to get the job done. While we had coffee, we gave each other a mini interview regarding our blogs and life in general! P.S we have teamed up to treat you guys to a giveaway, all the details are on my Instagram!!

1. What are your go to stores when looking for an outfit

David Jones is always my go-to store, as they stock such a huge variety of amazing brands. However, this year I have also been gravitating towards Topshop, Country Road and Witchery!

2. Do you shop online much? 

No, I don’t tend to shop online very much, I wish I could but I find the sizing and fits of garments too unpredictable since I am so petite! But, I do browse a lot (probably too much) to keep up to date with what’s new in store and on trend and I only purchase if I’ve tried it on in store.

3. If you could do a collaboration with any blogger, who would it be?

If I could collaborate with my dream blogger, it would be with Sandra Hagelstam from 5 Inch and Up. Her blog was one of the first blogs I ever started following when I was about 16 and she has been creating beautiful and unique content ever since – I still follow her up to this day!

4. What is the accessory you can’t leave the house without?

I couldn’t leave the house without my watch! I recently updated it to my grandad’s old Tissot one, so it’s a real gem. If I ever forget it, I’ll be looking at my empty wrist the whole day haha

5. What piece in your wardrobe do you find yourself grabbing the most?

I have found myself grabbing for basic or slogan tees a lot at the moment. They are so easy to style and just go with everything!

6. You just started vlogging, what is that experience like?

Yes, I have! Like anything, vlogging definitely has its pros and cons. It was an exciting new prospect when I first started but building my confidence in front the camera and maintaining consistency have been the main challenges!

7. Who takes your photos?

My lovely boyfriend, Jordan! Turns out he is quite a natural at photography but is terrible with any camera that isn’t a DSLR.

To check out my interview, check out Leanne’s blog at themindparadise.com


Bonjour lovely people!

If you asked me what my favourite fruit was, I would probably tell you passionfruit, or maybe mango. Ask me my favourite fruit print however, and I would tell you LEMONS! I think my love for lemons came from the mass amounts of lemon printed shirts I saw on Instagram. The lemon white cotton shirts always seemed to look expensive and chic, and all it featured was a lemon. Besides trolling lemon products on Instagram, my go to drink at dinner is a lemonade, so naturally you would think I need to show my love for the fruit by wearing it- duh, haha.

My treasure hunt for lemon printed pieces always ended with a big sigh, I would have to love it and leave it at the checkout because they were all so expensive! My favourite brand that features lemons is, Love For Lemons. All their products are so feminine, cute and sexy. Sadly, they are pretty expensive, so their pieces don’t fit in with my budget. So inevitably, I gave up on lemon print for a while until I found a brand called Aeryne. Their pieces are beautiful and won’t break the bank. The dress and pants i’m wearing are a soft and silky dream. This dress would be stunning to wear in the Spring time at a wine tasting vineyard or an afternoon of cocktails by the water. I would even say I would wear it to a wedding, it’s a bit different, classy and fun!

Getting to the pants, unfortunately, because of my wide hips they were a bit tight so they pull a tad at the front. So, I would say that these pants best complement a ‘straight body shape’. You can make any outfit look funky with these pants and there are so many tops you can wear it with! If you’re a lover of bold prints, there is a matching top you can pair with it! These pieces and the ambience of the Grounds of Alexandra made me feel like I was somewhere gorgeous like the south of France. Which is exactly where I want to be!

Lemon pants by Aeryne/ Top by Zara (similar)/ Boots by Zara/ Bag by Gucci

Lemon dress by Aeryne/ Bag by Gucci/ Heels by ASOS


Hello lovely people!

This post is pretty special because it’s all about my experience buying my first Gucci bag! I was meant to share this post with you a few weeks ago, but I forgot to publish it – oops! You’ve probably seen my Gucci bag in possibly all my newest Instagram posts, which was inevitable if you spend $2,700 on your dream bag! I have lusted over the idea of owning a Gucci bag for what feels like forever, (but was probably just over a year) and it’s still seems like a dream to think that I actually own one! I originally had my eye out for the Dionysus with the Gucci print because it obviously looked stunning, but in recent times my love for the bag faded which opened the door for another bag love affair. My favourite then became the GG Marmont, it’s classic and timeless. It so happened that this was the one I bought!

So, the morning of the 11th of July was the day that I found out I passed all of my subjects at uni, which means I’ll be graduating in November – so relieved! In a very pleasant mood, I headed to work and somewhere within the 8 hours of work I casually had a chat to one of my work mates on my dilemma, “ Do I chose the Gucci bag I have wanted for ages OR the jumbo Chanel bag (second hand of course) I had just lusted over for a few days”- first world problems right? I don’t know why that topic was so pressing, I wasn’t even looking at getting either until I started my full time job in Feburary. I guess there is always time to talk about Gucci and Channel. Just before my lunch break I told her I was going to head to Gucci to check the size of the bag I wanted (because who trusts what it looks like online?!) and to take photo evidence. One hour passed and I came back to work holding quite a large Gucci shopping bag. I received various shocked, surprised and confused faces, but mostly everyone showed their excitement for my purchase.

Rewinding back 30 minuets to my in store experience, it was pretty phenomenal as far as retail experinces go. The funny thing was I actually looked around the store to see if they had the GG Marmont, but It wasn’t on any of the display shelves, so I was about to head out the door and back to work. Eager to know about the size, I decided to ask one of the lovely staff if she knew the size in comparison to the other bags. To my surprise she actually pulled the bag out of a lets call ‘magic’ draw. I was so excited, my Gucci heart that lives next to the one that keeps my blood pumping, was freaking out! I tried the bag on and from that point on I needed to own that bag! SO I made a split second decison to just buy the damn thing! The whole transaction and packaging of the bag took about out 15 minutes, so the experience really sunk in. To be honest, it probably wasn’t the best time to buy the bag because I did have about 15 mins to get back to work from the time I said ‘ I’ll take it!”. Running back to work I was shaking and honestly tried not to cry because I was so happy and shocked that I had my Gucci bag. The whole experience was surreal and I dont think it was something I will ever forget.

I wanted to film an unboxing video for you guys but I didn’t want to wait 2 days until I was able to film. So sorry for the dodgy lighting but it had to be done!  Enjoy! Thank you Laurence for filming the historic event!


Hello lovely people!

Today my sister and I decided to take a trip across the bridge to Luna Park. I faintly remember the last time I was there because I was probably 12 and my childhood memories are very wishy washy. Although one thing I do remember, if not from this park, then carnivals in general, is wanting a fairy floss bigger than my head (obviously). My favourite part of walking into a carnival would have to be all the bright colours, because it always puts a smile on my face. So visiting again, nostalgia hit and we had loads of fun buying overpriced hot dogs and fairy floss.

For this shoot I put together three outfits that represent what I think a carnival would look like as various outfits. I wanted to make these outfits look wearable so they aren’t over the top crazy, but definitely show off carnival vibes.

For my first look, I took inspiration from ring masters. The classic tailored blazer with a tonne of buttons. Of course it isn’t in the traditional red, black and white colours, but I think the buttons and shoulder pads do the talking.

For number two, the yellow blouse was inspired by kissing booths, that honestly I have only seen on tv. The one I’m thinking about is the kissing booth in the carnival scene in She’s The Man – such a great film! I have never seen one in real life though, so I’m not sure if it’s just a movie thing or if it exists somewhere in the world. I originally wanted to match this top with a denim pinafore, but the one I ordered was way too big, so I went with my classic light wash mum jeans from Topshop.

My third look, which makes me look like a living candy cane, is the most obvious carnival outfit of them all. From those classic popcorn boxes, booths and tents decorated with the classic white and red striped combos. This shirt by Style mafia is also pretty fun and quirky, with the pussy bow and the funky frills on the sleeves. The fun doesn’t even end there, these white pants from Missguided also have fun bow details on the cuffs –  how cute! This look is far from boring without being too crazy, but I guess you can never look too crazy at a carnival!

Look 1

Blazer by ASOS/ Pants by ASOS/ Heals by Windsor Smit

Look 2

Blouse by Reclaimed Vintage/ Jeans Topshop (similar)

Look 3

Blouse by Style Mafia/ Pants by Missguided 

Photographed by Chelsea Sen