The hunt is finally over! I’m not sure where the lust for a yellow suit came from, it may seem a bit outlandish, but in saying that, when have you seen me in a black suit? My point exactly! The other day I happened to ‘accidentally’ walk into Zara ( isn’t that how every Zara story starts?!), try the suit on & buy it. I say this because I’m meant to be ‘saving’ for my Europe/ America/ UK trip in December, but I’m hopelessly failing. Anyway, back to my suit and away from the gross money talk, I was really surprised when I saw the price tag. The pants were $50 & the jacket was a bit more expensive at $90. Since it’s Zara quality I’m not sure how long it will last, but I do have a Zara blue blazer from way back & its still pretty schmick. I do hope it is one of those sets that last, because I really do love the colour & cut. First off the tailoring of the blazer is pretty decent for an $80 jacket. I did have to get the large size because of my bloody broad shoulders, but surprisingly the jacket still gives me shape around my waist. I also love the shoulder pads and the androgynous aesthetic they create. Now onto the pants, I was so happy when I saw the cut of the pants. They are high waisted, which is always a must and they aren’t cigarette pants! Not that I have anything against the style of pants, but the loose fit is a refreshing change from the boring tailored suit pant. It gives the suit a casual vibe, which is perfect because I’m one of those people who would wear a yellow suit to lunch – anyone with me? I can definitely see this combo being paired with some classic white sneakers and a tee, or if you’re like me probably some cute brogues (sorry but I look like a little kid in sneakers… Maybe one day i’ll rock em’).



I was so excited to shoot this look! I had an old vintage bookstore in mind for this look, because this outfit seems like it belongs in some cute antique bookstore in Paris tucked away on a side street, (everything just seems more vintage/elegant when you mention Paris…). It was a tad annoying that we were shooting on a Saturday, because the store was busier than usual but we still managed to get some shots without onlookers in the background. We weren’t sure if we were allowed to take photos inside, so we were pretty stealth, well until you heard the flash make a loud noise every time we took a photo – just a tad awkward. Sneaky photography aside, the suit made me feel pretty spesh, seeing as I did get quite a lot of side glances from people passing and some obvious stares. I guess that’s the life of a woman wearing a yellow suit.
Bella xox

Photographed by Chelsea Sen


Hey Lovely people!

I kind of feel totally lame right now, it’s 9:41 on a Friday night and I’m all dolled up to hit the town, but I’m now feeling super tired, so I’ve switched plans – I now have a date with my bed. I honestly have a fair excuse, I do have work tomorrow morning and I don’t want to feeling like a half dead slug. Seriously though, I even put red lipstick on ‘n all, which literally saw all of 20 mins of air time *sigh*. Enough of my self rant and onto what I came here to do (maybe that was to rant?!). I want to talk about polka dots! They are everywhere at the moment and that isn’t even a hyperbole. This Autum/ Winter the cat walks have all been about the dots, whether they are tiny or the size of a 50cent coin. The print is all about femininity and I can’t help but feel like a little kid again when I wear it. Actually, funny enough, the word ‘Polka’ is a type of dance in the Czech Republic, which comes from the word for “woman” in Polish, which in Czech translates back to “little girl”. So no wonder the print is reminiscent of the times when I was little wearing polka dot tutus. Besides the nostalgic feels, the pattern also lets my mind drift off to Paris, where I would see a stunning French girl walking down the Champs-Élysées, with not a care in the world, while I nibble on a freshly baked croissant, looking fabulous – a girl can dream . I have definitely fallen victim to the charm of this print. It’s the vintage and truly feminine nature of the pattern that makes me feel like I’m meant to be on the streets of Paris. Whether it will be a trend piece or a keeper for seasons to come, well, only time will tell.


Photographed by Chelsea Sen



Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s a bitter sweet day, relax today and get back to it tomorrow ( unless you are like me and work in retail – hello no weekend). Luckily I’m not working today, so I thought I’d write up a post about stepping out of my creative comfort zone. Last week’s shoot was by far my favourite we have done in quite a while. Previously, our direction for the shoots would be ‘street style’, which we all know involves the classic “candid” walking shot.  As much as I love this type of style I wanted to push my creative boundaries and step into something a bit artsy and a little quirky. After looking at a bit of inspo on good old instagram, I was doing dramatic poses left right and centre, while Chelsea positioned the camera in angles that covered 360 degrees. It may seem like that combination of things would result in an absolute mess but surprise surprise, I think we aced it!

I have wanted to take a more artistic direction for my blog for a while now, although it took until last week to muster the courage to do it. I would always find myself intrigued by so many bloggers who seemed to take photos that were more editorial and artsy rather than street style, so it made sense to head in that direction. At first I thought there is no way I can create that type of content (I don’t know if it was lack of confidence or artistc eye I thought I lacked), but whatever I thought I don’t think it now. I must admit it was hard to break out of the classic poses I’m used to doing, heck I still did a few of them (shhh), but I’m trying! It feels awkward at first trying something new, but I couldn’t be happier with the results! I found it so much easier to let myself go and just try anything because my sister takes my photos and after all she has seen it all when it comes to my weirdness and embarrassing moments.



The location for this shoot was all so stunning and all matchy matchy with my orange dress. OMG the dress! It is absolutely stunning! I never thought orange would be my colour, but the cut of this dress accentuates all the right places! The interesting neckline also makes this dress quite unique, almost giving the illusion of a halter neck but changes back to a double strap at the back – genius!


Photographed by Chelsea Sen



Spring has finally sprung and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a refreshing change that always seems to make me feel quite cheerful. What’s not to like? Flowers are in full bloom, you don’t need to carry around a big coat and you can rotate between wearing dresses, skirts and pants!

I find it hard to completely part with my winter wardrobe. We all know how easily the weather can serve us a curve ball, so I feel I must be prepared. In saying that, I do pack away my heavy-duty winter pieces for spring and summer. Not only because the probabilily of me needing those pieces are low BUT hello wardrobe space! I keep some turtle necks, knit jumpers and pants of course (I’m a pants horder), and then I add my summer wear! It does get hot in spring but there’s still those chilly days every now and then, so I try to layer wherever I can. Pairing a cute summer dress with a white shirt is a stunning combo! You’re dipping your toes into summer but not diving in head first. This way I get to start wearing my favourite summer pieces earlier than the weather would usually let me, and allows me to hang onto those winter pieces that I’m just not ready to give up yet. If we’re being honest, you probably won’t see me in shorts anytime soon. I only have one pair and they are a nude tone… Not cute winter white legs. Someone hand me the fake tanner!



As I’m obsessed with pants, I thought I’d throw together another spring look that featured my beloved check pants. These beauties are from H & M, I snapped them up in their last sale for all of $30! They can be worn to a business meeting or you can chuck them on to head down to the shops, versatility is key. I decided to wear this white knitted wrap top from ASOS because it is the perfect transitional piece. It’s quite light weight and has a v neck which makes it feel nice and breezy. The tie detail reminds me of those tops I used to wear when I was 6 doing ballet. I’m still figuring out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing… But for now I’ll rock it.



I’m in a bit of a pickle at the moment because I’m going away to America and Europe during December/January. As it will be winter over there and Summer here, I’ve been adding both summer and winter pieces into my daily wardrobe, which isn’t ideal for my wallet but can you blame me?! I’m going on holiday! The count down has begun!


Photography by Chelsea Sen


Recently the only type of ‘top’ I have been on the hunt for are blouses! The reason I think is simple, they look elegant and they can be worn super casually or you can look like a fancy pants. I had a period of looking for crazy printed ones because I was trying to channel my inner Gucci, but lets be honest, it was far from practical. I was collecting printed pants and tops which were crazy difficult to style by the end of the week when my washing basket had stolen all my clothes. So to fix my problem, I started collecting blouses that were predominately white or one colour with minimal elegant detailing. Now, creating outfits in my morning rush is easy as pie and there is no need to stress when my clothing supplies thin out at the end of the week. I have created a little checklist for what I look for when I am blouse hunting.

Check List:

1. Puffy sleeves, yes please! Sleeves with a little bit of puff are always a winner in my books. They make the blouse both elegant and funky at the same time. I don’t really have a limit when it comes to the volume of the sleeves, but I usually don’t go for the most dramatic, put me somewhere in the middle.

2. Another detail that I look for is frills! I especially love it when there’s a frill detail on the collar! Although, I must say, I try to steer away from frills that are on both shoulders. Since I already have broad shoulders I don’t want them looking too much bigger!

3. Another important consideration is material. I usually ask myself is the material stiff? And does it look/ feel nice? Very important questions indeed! Because I have broad shoulders I dislike quite stiff material because I find it quite restricting. If the material looks silky, sheer or has a nice soft texture, it’s usually a winner! It’s also important that the material doesn’t look cheap, even if the blouse was (no one needs to know!).

4. Lastly, I want to mention length. I say this because I always wear high waisted pieces everyday, so I want a top that will compliment this style. In other words, I don’t want something too long that you can see it bulging in my pants or awkwardly short, so that it’s just longer than the start of your jeans but isn’t long enough to tuck in.

If I’m lucky enough to tick all of these boxes, I’ve found myself a keeper and I’m one happy camper!

Blouse: ASOS, Jeans (similar): Topshop, Shoes: ASOS