I’ve finally (& I say this with a heavy heart) finished my Paris posts! As sad as it is to say “see you soon” to Paris, we’ve moved on to new exciting places. However, before I say my final farewells, I actually bought the key pieces in this outfit from Paris, so it lives on! You might’ve already realised what I meant when I said ‘key’ pieces, most obviously the blouse & the jacket. The jeans are lovely, but they are merely cast into the background in the game of “what do you look at first?”. The two pieces are from a brand called & Other Stories, which is a store you won’t find in Australia! *and que the violins*. Surprisingly I didn’t love any clothing in their New York store, but along came Paris and I was in the change room with 8 items! I was in love, and when I say “ in love”, I’m not being dramatic, I really mean that I had a deep love for these pants. They were a deep purple, velvet (are you loving them already?) and they had a thick belt the same texture and colour of the pants. I think you may know how this story ends… they didn’t have my size. In fact that was the only pair, I’m pretty sure, that was left in the world. On the bright side, not getting them saved me $100, so I’m turning it into a positive situation.


I only ended up buying this pink jacket and the top you see me wearing in the photos. I would’ve bought more but my purse said no, plus I’m on struggle street already trying to close my suitcase. The jacket is so amazing I honestly just saw it and said “I wanna be in you”, a tad creepy but those buttons are to die for! They also come with matching pink pants, but I already have an identical pair, so I thought I should just keep the silky pink pants tally to one for now. As for the top, I was deciding between getting the pink as a dress or top, but I opted for the blouse option because I know I’ll wear it more and I have more options to wear it with. The pair together has Gucci vibes written all over it, which is actually quite funny because we went to the Gucci store right before & other stories. We obviously couldn’t afford anything from Gucci, so this outfit is my second best option!

Love, Bella

Photography by Laurence Nelmes



As you will be able to tell, I’m not uploading these posts on the exact day they happen, so I apologise if my blog says today in Paris, but my Instagram has a photo of me in Lyon. I don’t have all that much time to write/ edit my posts (because I’m in amazing cities of course), so when I get a little time in the evening I try to whip something up.

Today’s outfit is pretty simple, which I like. Dressing out of a suitcase isn’t the best when it comes to options, so I’ve tried to do the best with what I’ve got – meaning simplicity is a must! I love the colour of this pink sweater I picked up in New York from H&M for a grand total of * wait for it*  $10. So respectfully quality isn’t the best, but it’s a great throw on when you’re desperately thinking “help me I’m running out of outfit options to blog about”. The colour is almost fluorescent in it’s vibrance, yet still tasteful. I particularly love the ribbed collar, and how the ribbed texture is tied in with the ends of the sleeves. To me it makes it look a bit more expensive than $10. Yet again, pink is the main act in my look, complimented by the tan belt and my blue flared jeans. As much as I wish I could say this belt was worn purely for aesthetic, I do need it to keep these pants from gaping at the back. As for the blue coat, it is the lightest of all my coats, so by default I had to wear it ( the weather wasn’t too chilly). Luckily, it didn’t look to shabby with my outfit, so it was a win win!


As for what we got up to?- not much at all, we got up at about 10:30 am. I know we sleep in, but it’s my holiday, so I don’t feel bad about it one bit! Gracefully stuffing our faces with multiple pastries was up next, followed by a lengthy walk to the catacombs. We took these photos on the way because I saw a green door, and since the stars aligned,  I matched the magic watermelon duo. When we finally reached the catacombs, we lined up for a good 45 mins before we were let in and made our way 60 meters beneath the ground like it was no big deal. It was my second time down there, and I must day, it creeped me out just as much the second time. The biggest thought that goes through my head is “who were these people”, because you never know who’s right leg and skull you’re staring at, you know? We then finally reached the light of day after I struggled to walk up the never-ending windy staircase. It was then decided we would walk home for 40 mins in a light sprinkle, so when we got home all we wanted to do was watch Netflix and then binge on some delicious Italian for dinner. Which is exactly what we did.



Bonjour tout le monde!

Welcome to my first holiday post! I know I’ve already been to New York and London, but yet my blog has remained a desert with a tumble weed rolling slowly across it, but I’m here now and it will be a desert no more! I’m starting with Paris because it’s the city I’ve enjoyed the most so far and the city that I have started putting more effort into my outfits and daily activities. New York was freezing and consequently  layering up made me look like a walking marshmallow. My time in London wasn’t great because I was quite sick everyday and down during my time there. It was weird and frustrating because I had no idea why I was feeling that way. Thankfully when we got Paris, it felt like I’d found my reset button and I was quickly back to cheery me again. So it only seems fitting to start my blog off with Paris.

With a suitcase full of items I’ve already worn to death, today’s outfit was refreshing because I happened to rummage my way to the bottom of my portable wardrobe to find a hidden gem. I had forgotten I’d packed my lush pink pants I’d bought from H&M before I left. They’re magical, I think they speak for themselves. Although, I must say, these pants are a real winner because of the belt loops. They are a must have feature for me because I can never seem to find garments that fit me properly, plus belts are a great accessory. I now wear a belt almost everyday, and it’s an accessory that I’m glad I’ve taken on. Besides keeping my pants in the most ideal position, they can sophisticate a basic look.

White, pink and tan are a great combo and that’s why I choose to match the pants with my white fluffy jumper. I can definitely see myself pairing these pants with my green turtle neck or my red cable knit jumper, so watch out for that, it might get a lil’ cray!


As for what we did today, it started off with our daily trip to Smith’s Bakery. I had an Earl grey tea with not one, but two croissants and an apple tart. Luckily we’ve been doing a lot of walking, so I don’t feel too bad for bulk eating pastries. I also tell myself, “meh, it’s a holiday, treat yourself”, you honestly haven’t enjoyed yourself enough if you haven’t gained some hard earned holiday weight, right? A scenic walk to the Louvre was next on the list, carrying the extra weight of our food babies. We’ve both been a few times, but who has seen the Mona Lisa enough times?  We spent about 2 hours there, simply getting lost and picking out what piece of ancient jewellery we would wear (which was basically every piece we saw!). Making our way back from the Louvre, we took the photos in this post on the bridge over the Seine just outside the Louvre. I originally had planned to shoot in a street, but Laurence just pulled out the camera and started taking photos, and voilà, a photoshoot was born. For dinner we went to a place called Relais de la Entrecôte with Laurence’s brother and his Wife. The restaurant served you two servings of steak and fries, with your choice of dessert (I got the profiteroles and they were amazing!).

With very full stomachs, we made our way to the Arch De Triumph to gaze at the panoramic view, waiting for the clock to tick over to 10pm to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle. I was that person who videoed the event about 3 minutes too early, which was really hard to watch back without falling asleep. The night ended peacefully with Laurence and I watching “Marie Antoinette” until 2 am, preparing for our trip to Versailles the next day. I know what you’re thinking, what a very historically accurate way to learn about Versailles. At 12am you need something at least a little entertaining to excite those eyes and surprisingly we stayed awake for the entire film! 


Pants /Sweater